16 June 2010

Tour de France Prize Money

How is the Prize money divided?

I wanted to know:

How do they award the winnings for the Tour de France?


According to the official website of the Tour de France, a total of 3,2 million euros will be awarded to the teams and the riders in 2010. The overall general classification (GC) winner (the wearer of the yellow jersey) will receive 450,000 euros. It is tradition that the GC winner splits this sum among his teammates who rode for him at the Tour de France.

Prize Money for Stage Victories - 2010

Stage Win: €8,000 for each stage victory (20 stages). €10,000 for the team time-trial stage. Stage placings -€8,000, €4,000, €2,000, €1,000 and continues on a sliding scale down to €200 for 20th place.

Prize Money for Leaders’ jerseys and other classifications:
  • Yellow Jersey: Overall winner - €450,000, €200,000, €100,000, €70,000, €50,000, sliding scale down to the 19th rider.
  • Green Jersey: points classification (sprinter): €25,000; Overall Green Jersey - €25,000, €15,000, €10,000 with prizes down to 8th, plus €800 for each sprint win, and €300 for each day in the Green jersey.
  • White and Red Polka-Dotted jersey, best climber classification (KOM): €25,000; Overall Best Climber - €25,000, €15,000, €10,000 with prizes down to 8th, plus up to €800 for each climb win, and €300 for each day in the Polka Dot jersey.
  • White Jersey, best young rider classification, (25 years old and under): €25,000; Overall Best Young Rider - €25,000, €15,000, €10,000 with prizes down to 4th, plus up to €500 for the young rider with the best time each stage, and €300 for each day in the White jersey
  • Most aggressive rider classification (combativity): €20,000; Most Combative - €2,000 for the most combative rider each stage, €20,000 for the overall "super combative" rider.
  • Team time classification (Best Team): €50,000; Best Team - €2,800 per stage for the best team, plus €50,000 overall for the winning team.
  • Team Time Trial:€10,000, €5,000, €2,500, €1,000 and continues on a sliding scale down to €200 for 20th place.

* In addition, every rider who completes the Tour de France earns at least €400- €1000 each.

* Many teams also pay bonuses to the riders. The amounts can be greater than their contracted annual salary. And of course, some teams pay bonuses to riders from other teams, which is counter-intuitive, and worth another post on that topic alone.

Sponsorships of Stages, Leaders’ jerseys and other classifications
  • Stage Win: Vittel
  • Yellow Jersey: LCL
  • Green Jersey: PMU
  • White and Red Polka-Dotted jersey: Carrefour
  • White Jersey: Skoda
  • Combativity: Brandt
  • BestTeam: Antargaz