19 June 2010

How to pack a bike box for Travel

Here it is my Brother's How To Pack a Bike Box Instructions

If you are flying with a bike, or transporting a bike by car, bus, or train for a long journey, here are some tips on packing a road bike into a bike box for transport. Flying with a bike is so fun.

  • Shift front ring to middle ring, back cassette to 2nd smallest cog.
  • Remove saddle-bag and computer. Place in corner of bottom of box.
  • Remove pedals and place in ziplock bag. Place in bottom of box and secure with duct tape, or carry with you in carry-on bag. (screw direction - right is right; left is wrong)
  • Orient crank arms to be parallel with ground.
  • Remove handlebars from stem.
  • Remove stem from headset or rotate to the side. Tighten headset loosely to hold in place.
  • Remove seat post. (be sure to mark the placement of your saddle height with tape)
  • Remove wheels and place in bottom of box. (You may also place the wheels in wheel bags, with hub protectors, and wrap the rear cog-set with a rag). Place the back wheel in first with cassette up.
  • Cover wheels with plastic hard divider and 1st foam sheet.
  • Lay frame and handlebars on top of foam in the box.
  • Place protective foam tubes over bike tubes, use tap or secure with cable ties as required. (These foam tubes are found in the plumbing section of the hardware store, and may be easily cut to size for the top tube, down tube, etc.).
  • Tie hand brake lever closed with cable ties. Arrange handlebars parallel to top tube as shown.
  • Remove rear derailleur, wrap in rag, and cable tie to right stays. Secure mounting screw. Wrap the chain in a rag.
  • Place support between rear stays where wheel attaches (see image example).
  • Strap bike to box using four straps.
  • Place seat in the box, under bottom tube.
  • Cover cranks with card board to protect.
  • Place water bottles where space allows.
  • The areas of the bike that are most vulnerable to damage during security checks are the cranks, rear stays, and handlebar/stem area. Pay special attention to securing these spots in place.
  • Bring extra ties and extra duct tape for repacking your bike for the trip home.  Bring your pedal wrench or allen wrenches with you. Bring any tools that you used to take the bike apart.
  • Place a piece of paper with your name and contact information in the box in case off loss.
  • Attach cover
  • Tie handling ropes around box at location of locks and cable tie rope to the latch loops on one side (for easier baggage handling of the box)
  • It is recommended to carry your shoes and helmet in your carry on luggage.


My brother's Specialized bike en route to France
Protect your hangers from being bent.
Strap it all in place.
Placement of the wheels in the box. I wrap a towel around the cogset and I use wheel bags.
My Scott bike having just arrived in France, this is my packing job. My wheels are in bags below this layer.
Tie but do not lock.