29 June 2010

The Anatomy of a meal in France

I cooked a home cooked meal last night in France 
One of the best parts of this nice long adventure I am currently on in France is the variety I am able to enjoy. Especially the variety of food. I picnic, I eat in cafes, I have other kind people cooking for me, sometimes my meal is a replacement drink and fig bars (while riding), and sometimes I get to cook. Last night it was my turn. I went to the market, bought these simple items ...
I started drinking ... well, you need a nice glass while cooking now don't you?
And voila, a few minutes later (really this did not take long at all), I had dinner prepared and went outside to enjoy the view across the Ossau Valley. It was lovely and delicious.
...and of course, I sent my friends and family a couple of text messages of my "setting" since it was Monday, at 1:30pm in the USA, and they were all hard at work! - poor things.

France rocks!!