22 August 2014

Win Jens Voigt's Bike!

You can win Jens Voigt's bike he rode in the 2014 Tour de France

Everyone wants Jensie's bike, including Mic Rogers (although Jens' platinum special bike he is currently using at the USA Pro Challenge is not the one up for grabs).

I never win anything, but if I did - I'd like to own a bike ridden by Jens Voigt!

Jens Voigt showing Mic Rogers his super cool bike this week.  Photo by Karen at Pedal Dancer®


Enter to win Jens' bike: To enter to win the Trek Madone Team Edition bike Voigt rode in the 2014 Tour de France, fans can download the free USA Pro Challenge Tour Tracker mobile app on iTunes and Google Play. Then, click on the “more” button at the bottom of the screen and select "Win Jens Voigt's Trek Bike! and complete the entry form.

Entries will be accepted starting today (Friday, Aug. 22) through Sunday, Aug. 24 at 11:59 p.m. MT. Applicants must be over 18 years of age and a legal resident of the U.S. to win. The winner will be selected and notified on September 2. For full rules and details, please log on to prochallenge.com/Jens

I just entered, it confirmed my entry with a "Good Luck!" 

By the way, I have been using and appreciating this app (listening) while in the car driving or (watching) while out on the parcours. Yesterday after Stage 4 had cleared through Garden of the Gods, I stood on the side of the road with five other fans listening and watching the coverage of the last exciting kilometers to the line only a few miles away in downtown Colorado Springs. It was one of those fun moments gathered around an iphone, out in nature, listening to the play-by-play of a sprint to the line. Thanks Tour Tracker!

Will someone actually win Jensie's bike? I hope so, I sent in my self-addressed envelop to the contest company to find out who that lucky winner will be/was. Oh the suspense.

Update: I never heard back from the USA Pro Challenge office about who won Jensie's bike. They never responded to my letter, or returned my self-addressed pre-stamped envelop as they stipulated they would in their contest rules. I always doubt if these contests are real and now I am thinking they are pure promotion.  I hate being a sucker.