30 August 2014

Photos from Colorado - Photography of Ryan Wallace

Ryan Wallace of RevLine photographed Stage 7 of the USA Pro Challenge

You might remember from the past two years that Ryan Wallace captured some excellent images of the final weekend of this Colorado stage race. Ryan was happy to help me again this year. He excels at capturing fast images, formally educated in journalism and photography. He took his skills capturing fast cars and focused on fast bikes.

I can't emphasize enough what peace of mind Ryan offers by being out on course. I never micro-manage him, Ryan instinctively goes where the race is, and I believe he captured some of the best images of the finishing sprint, even without preferential placement (although he did wear an approved Photo badge). In my mind - that is the skill of a true race photographer.

Exactly because Ryan was there with me on Stage 7, I felt free to move elsewhere on course, and because of that freedom I captured a popular race image from the day - the Alex Howes tripod of how to avoid a barrier after a sprint finish. Thank you Ryan Wallace and congratulations Alex Howes for being an incredible bike racer.

See our combined finish report and photos here: Alex Howes wins the final stage of the 2014 USA Pro Challenge

All photos ©Ryan Wallace for Pedal Dancer®   (See more photos from the day at Ryan's portfolio here: revlinephoto)

Thank you Ryan Wallace!

Ryan Wallace, Photographer RevLine

Many Photographers at the race contract out to several news sources, equipment manufacturers, or teams at any given race, in combination. It often requires the photog to be in many places at one time, always thinking of their customers needs when capturing race images. You can spot these hardworking men and women on photo motos, crouched on the pavement, carrying heavy gear up mountain tops, perched high atop buildings, at call-ups, in front of podiums or mixed in with the crowd.

View a nice (slow) slideshow of Pro Challenge Getty Images, photos from the week: http://tourtracker.usaprocyclingchallenge.com/. If you are a photographer, you might like to study their style, if you are a fan, you might find yourself within their beautiful images (with a warning: you cannot reproduce Getty Images without permission). And if you are a graphic artist/tech geek you will enjoy the clean crisp images on Tour Tracker.

Have you been watching the action at the Vuelta a España? Also, cyclocross season is starting up this month in Colorado! My 2014-15 Colorado CX Calendar will be published soon.