31 July 2014

Did you see the Tour de France?

I hope you did. I bet you did. I did.

Here are some of my favorite or most memorable videos and photos from the 2014 Tour de France, if you missed any of these - take a look ....

Mark Cavendish's nervous ride in the OPQS team car during Stage 16. It takes nerves of steel to be inside one of the cars on course: #OPQS #TDF: Cav in the Team Car!

Kevin Reza takes a fan's camera for a ride (the story is Marcel Seiberg elbowed a fan's helmet cam to the ground, Reza did a polo sweep and picked it up, filming inside the peloton before handing it into his team car, the fan later contacted Kevin Reza via Twitter and the helmet cam was returned via post): Kevin Reza swipes a fan's camera

Global Cycling Networks imitation of 10 riders. I am a true bike geek because I recognized each rider imitated. not sure if that is good or bad (as in I need a life): GCN Top 10 Rider Impersonations

Orica GreenEDGE Backstage Pass for the final Stage 21, includes scenes from the womens La Course race and giving unsuspecting fans 100 free grandstand passes! Tour de France 2014 - Stage 21

The Guardian's Best Photos of the 2014 Tour de France: Best of the Tour de France 2014 – in pictures

Break Through Medias photo collection from the 2014 Tour de France -their whimsical Charlie on Tour album

Remembering the fun and silliness of the Tour de France. Photo by moi!