05 July 2014

Marcel Kittel

Here he is ... Marcel

Any tine Marcel Kittel (Giant-Shimano) does anything great, which is often when it comes to a sprint stage, people flood my site for this one simple photo of Marcel. So here it is, my photo of Marcel Kittel taken at the 2013 Tour of California.. I swung around and quicjky snapped this photo simply because a friend said "He is the next big thing." I'd say that was an understatement!

He is big, really big.

I think it's those quads we all admire, and quads certainly are at their best descending stairs. The uniform is now Giant-Shimano and the young rider has become the best power sprinter of the day, but what I like best about Marcel Kittel is he loves bike racing.

Maybe it is time again to revisit Jens Voigt's comment made about Kittel ...

Jens Voigt Quote of the Day - TDF 2013:

“ I know him a bit since he is also German. I remember the first time I spoke with him I said, Gee, when God made you I think he decided to make one big one instead of two little ones!” He is just huge and powerful and he looks like Ivan Drago in Rocky 4! He is a pure sprinter. I mean getting over a bridge is a hard climb for him. But for pure speed he is one of the best!" ~ Jens Voigt, referring to Marcel Kittel.

And congrats Jensie on a great stage today! It was thrilling to watch him race hard through the enormous crowds and spectacular scenery of Stage 1 of the 2014 Tour de France.

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