21 May 2013

Photo of the Day: Two well-traveled fans

Here they are again

Remember when I told the story of our day at Stage 1 of the Amgen Tour of California when I kept photobombing my sister-in-laws iphone photo ops with her favorite riders.

Exhibit A
Sylvain Chavanel and Suz, and ... me
me .... and Johan Vansummeren and Suz
Suz and Dave Zabriskie, and ... me
And how my brother kept walking into the frame of so many of my potential masterpiece shots (because he is actually better than I am at moving around races).

Exhibit B
Get out of the way of my photo of World Champion Philippe Gilbert!
Well the keen eye of Willie The Photographer happened to notice these same two well-versed fans in one of the photos I had recommended viewing from the albums of team BMC.

Exhibit C: Where are Suz and Mike?

Bob Roll interviewing Tejay van Garderen, featuring Suz and Mike.  This photos is one in a collection of albums from team BMC
It is so fun to see family or friends in photos or videos. We have so much fun together as fans!

Maybe you are in one of the photos too ...