06 May 2013

Photo of the Day: Bike Bags

Ya know, I am never again going to complain about hauling my 1 bike bag around

Team RadioShack Leopard Trek is making my load seem light. Now we know why they need a team bus.

That's a lotta Trek bikes. Maybe if you fly with 22 bikes there is less of a chance of the baggage handler forgetting to load the oversize bags.

Each one of those bike bags cost $599 (without the bike). Cycling Tips did a review of the Scicon soft-sided bike bag: The Scicon Aerocomfort Plus Bike Bag.

Inside those bags are the team's Trek Madone 7.9 series bikes
Trek Madone 7.9 series bike
Or maybe inside are the team's Trek Speed Concept 9 Series time trial bike
Speed Concept 9 Series time trial bike
Either way, the team is headed to California ...