25 June 2012

It's hot. And a lot has been going on

Sweltering in the heat of summer
It was 104 degrees (40C) today in Denver, I think it may have even been warmer, I don't know because I tried to find shade, or an air conditioner for most of the day. A lot has been going on in my life, as is typical with all of our lives. Yes I read about Armstrong and the non-submission of names for the USA Olympic cycling team, yes I heard Chris Horner is going to the Tour de France, but Tom Boonen is not (bummer), yes I heard with excitement about the new National Champions including Nacer Bouhanni who is the new French National Champion Road, and a rider I had never heard of before. I am falling behind. But again a lot has been going on.

First I got a new bike, a beautiful Cannondal Evo Supersix with SRAM Red and some major gearing. I wouldn't be a bike geek if I did not write out that sentence. New bikes beacon to be ridden and over the past two weekends I have ridden in soft falling rain in the mountains twice. Which I have to admit is one of my favorite things to do on a bike. It made me think of my other favorite things to do on a bike, which include: riding alongside a river, singing on long descents, slaloming in the middle of the road on the last blocks to my house, riding with my brothers Michael and Tom, and being on a big mountain climb.
Which reminds me, I am going to France in two weeks. It is sort of crunch time, but I am happy to report that the trip is almost planned and ready. Which means I only have 25 things left to do, because we all know that getting the job, house, bike, pets, plans and weather in alignment takes some work and plenty of good luck. Fortunately I lost one travel companion and gained another. My long-time friend and well-known traveling buddy Monica is joining me. We have been on ski trips, ranch trips, and Bicycle Tour of Colorado trips together. This time we're going to France.
France will be a fun vacation with Monica, she relaxes me - her idea of a vacation is ... "riding, hiking, drinking wine, exploring something cool, eating yummy food, watching lycra-clad spanish/italian/luxembourgian men ride by really fast, looking at art/antiquities, and the like. Napping/sleeping in can probably wait until I get home from France. The words Mont Ventoux caught my eye as I skimmed by the page..." Those were her words. I like her words.
I will try to write up our itinerary to share with you, plus a Tour de France preview, plus update the USA Pro Cycling Challenge Page (at the top of the blog) because a number of people are already looking for information about the pro race in Colorado in August. My curiosities about cycling continue to grow, and I will return to my regular blog posting. Job duties have taken a bit of my time lately, plus I am pleased to announce that this week I received approval for the trademark of the Pedal Dancer® mark for goods and services (now I get to use the fancy ®).
I fully intend to bring you more travel plans and tips, better and improved maps, more photography, more education, first person accounts, and maybe more goods for sale. For now I have been spending needed time with a few good friends, and thinking much of family. Please send good wishes to my oldest brother Brian who had to start chemo treatment again last week for Hodgkins Lymphoma, after an eight-year remission. An avid runner, Cancer shows no mercy even to an active Father of three. Go out and find a bicycle ride to benefit Cancer research or Cancer patient care. Give them your time, money and attention.
Something has to be done about Cancer. 
These are a few of the many rides available. Various dates and events for cycling events and fundraisers for Cancer research. If the event has passed for 2012 - plan for next year:
In the USA
Amgen Tour of California and their Breakaway from Cancer sponsor
Team Livestrong Events: Livestrong.org 
Breakaway from Cancer® Represented at The Dempsey Challenge presented by Amgen, Lewiston, ME, October 13 - October 14, 2012 
Cycle for Survival at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 
Central Coast Cancer Challenge, San Luis Obisbo, CA 
Tour des Chutes, Bend, OR
Huntsman 140, Salt Lake City, UT 
Cycle for Cancer, Miami, FL

In Canada 

In the UK