03 June 2012

A day at ERock

Instagram and I went to an event
The 25th Anniversary Elephant Rock (ERock) is the opening event of the Colorado cycling season. Our season is kind of late, and short, but today thousands took to their bikes to test their fitness and have some fun over a choice of routes (100, 60, 36, or 25 miles) over rolling terrain. We enjoyed marvelous weather - not too hot and not at all windy, a miracle for Castle Rock, Colorado, a town known for its raging winds.
I had a great day, I really enjoyed the ride which seemed carefree with so many aid stations and great volunteers. My new bike performed beyond belief and I rolled across the finish line feeling good, very good for a first-time real ride on a brand new bike (gotta love Cannondale).
I met so many super friendly cyclists today. The best part of being passionate about a hobby is being around others who are equally as positive and enthusiastic. Throw a few thousand people together who like cycling - and that is a place I want to be.
Typical rest station in the countryside
Great rollers near Castle Rock, Colorado
A daughter and father team, she said, "I made my Dad match me."
Nice matching USA Pro Cycling Jerseys! (I saw a lot of them today)

How you know your are at a cycling event
A wonderful site, only I wanted to keep riding ...
I had a great time riding into the finish with these cyclists (center)
I saw The Coneheads a number of times throughout the day
Nice looking jersey!
I spend a lot of time looking at jerseys while riding any event, I'm guessing we all do this - my favorite of the day was from Bicycle Colorado, the state bicycle advocacy group. Made by Primal; if you didn't get yours today, you can buy one online: buy Bicycle Colorado Cycling Jersey. Or stop by the Bicycle Colorado booth next time you are at a cycling event in Colorado - get a membership, buy and jersey, and say hi to my friend Scott Christopher (whose son Drew Christopher happened to have won the Pro 1-2 Crit the night before).
Scott Christopher of Bicycle Colorado
I shared lunch with a wonderful family who had ridden together (mom, dad, son), and another very friendly woman cyclist who was waiting for her husband to finish the ride. The women asked me what my next event would be, when I answered that I would be going to France in July, her immediate response was, "wow, that must take so much time to plan a trip like that! You're going alone, not with a tour?" I laughed and said, "Bless your heart, yes it does, it has taken me years to learn and many hours to plan. But now I try to share what I have learned, to help others." She herself travels the world to compete in triathlons and trail running events, and to cycle (always with Tour Companies). We shared a meal and a wonderful interesting down-to-earth conversation.

Event photographs of riders from the day will be available at Sundance Images Elephant Rock

Mark your Calendars for next year - always the first weekend in June: Subaru Elephant Rock in Castle Rock, Colorado (the ride is capped at 7,000 cyclists).
A = Castle Rock, CO