17 June 2012

Basso likes Colorado

Something magical happens when you name a bike Basso

It wants to climb in the mountains! In the past two weeks, my new bike (named Basso) and me have had a great time riding in the mountains of Colorado. It has been hot in Denver, so the mountains have been a welcome reprieve from the heat. It is also prime-time riding season with local events like Ride the Rockies last week and Bicycle Tour of Colorado happening this week. Two weeks from now will be the Triple Bypass ride, and before we know it the USA Pro Cycling Challenge will return for it's second year.

If we're lucky we might get Chris Horner, Andy or Frank Schleck, a few others missing from the Tour de France this year, plus the newly crowned Olympians to come to Colorado.

For those who have asked, the forest fires still rage in northern Colorado west of Fort Collins. The fire, started by lightening, has now burned over 200 square kilometers, or 55,000 acres, and destroyed 181 homes of 700 dwellings in the fire zone. Over 1,600 firefighters have been battling the blazes.

I live safely south of the fires and have been fortunate to enjoy the mountain scenery from Denver south to Crested Butte and back. Here are some pictures to share from my recent adventures in

Colorado: all Photos by PedalDancer.com/Karen

Scenes from Ride the Rockies

Drew and Sue, our road trip to Gunnison, Co, included a quick stop in Fairlplay
Fairplay is in South Park - inspiration for the TV show (these 4 were also on their way to Ride the Rockies)
Random mass camping signaled we had found the start city of Ride the Rockies
Plus the sight of the expo and long registration pick-up lines

I hope everyone ended up on the correct bike the next morning
Our morning started at Camp 4 Coffee, a tradition in Crested Butte
This is Blue Mesa Reservoir, the largest body of water in Colorado - beautiful
This was a fixie rider - yes, not single speed, fixed gear, all 442 miles.
Scenes from Summit County
Frisco Marina on Lake Dillon
From above a mountain goat was peering down at the cyclists   Photo by Ursula
mountain goat   Photo by Ursula
The bike path from Frisco to Copper Mountain
When did BMW get involved in cycling?
A light rain was falling as I climbed to Vail Pass

Approaching Vail Pass at 10,662 feet (3,250 m)
I returned to Frisco in time for the annual BBQ cookoff
Main Street Frisco was filled with serious barbeques
They award trophies, pig trophies
This isn't snow, these are beignets
What's for lunch
American BBQ
And fresh roasted corn on the cob
Scene from riding to dinner with a friend (sorry Basso I went for my beach cruiser bike)
My "other" bike

Scenes from Clear Creek County
river rafting
An old Colorado mine
Map of 2012 Bicycle Tour of Colorado, June 17-23, 2012. This year they are going to Wyoming. The fires west of Fort Collins may affect the last day of this week long event as well (the last day of Ride the Rockies was rerouted).

2012 Bicycle Tour of Colorado route map

And congrats to my good friend Sue Lloyd for her latest win at the Colorado State Time Trial Championships (she is also National Bronze Medalist).
Sue - last week she rode all of Ride the Rockies, yesterday she became a champion.

This is Sue with her husband, Drew's Dad, and my good friend - Scott Christopher. Scott works for the State advocacy organization Bicycle Colorado. He also played a strong role at Ride the Rockies in teaching rider and road safety to riders and the Colorado Highway Patrol officers on the route. A bit of fun trivia - Scott was one of the sprinting cyclists in the old Kevin Costner movie American Flyers, something his sons (who both race) are very proud of. "Let 'em go Tommy they're nobodies."
Sue Lloyd and Scott Christopher