22 January 2012

I've been on vacation

To Laguna Beach, California
Vacations are wonderful, and the coast of California in January is at it's most beautiful, with clear views down the coast and across to the Channel Islands, perfect temperatures, and a distinct lack of tourists, Laguna Beach is a wonderful this time of year. Not only did I go without a bike (although my brother got in his bike ride), I mostly avoided all computers, except for a few quick looks at travel plans, and some texts to family and a friend. Thus the lack of my usual posts on Pedal Dancer. 
I was grateful for the warm escape from chilly Denver, Colorado, to the sunny coast of California. I enjoyed the blooming plants, walks along the coast looking for (and seeing) dolphins, eating fish tacos, cooking meals and birthday cakes (Happy Birthday Mom), feeling the sand underfoot, having lunch in outdoor cafes, shopping, and watching the sunset with a glass of cool crisp wine. 
I simply couldnt miss even one-minute of such a lovely vacation. Although I did get a chance to watch some of the action of the Tour Down Under on Versus late in the evenings.
Images of Laguna Beach - a beautiful beach town in southern California