17 January 2012

Buy your way into riding like a Pro

Join a team of riders to ride every stage of the 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge
In a new twist of opportunities afforded cyclists to experience what it feels like to be a pro in a UCI race, cyclists may apply to be on a small team of riders planning to ride every stage, preceding the real race, at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado in August, 2012. You'll need to pay $10,500 for this experience, and apply by February 29th, 2012, and be willing to be part of the Carmichael Training Systems (CTS) marketing brigade. 
When I read this announcement for CTS USA Pro Challenge Race Experience released by the media center at USA Pro Cycling Challenge, my reaction was,"You can buy any experience these days," followed by, "Does this mean road closures affecting fans will be even earlier, and are they considering the mayhem on the mountain passes prior to the real race passing through?" "Is catering to 25 cyclists for a sum of $262,500, worth affecting every fan out on the road?" I decided to call the number listed on the announcement for more information, before I jumped to heady opinions about how the USA Pro Cycling Challenge is deciding to sell off pieces of their pie.
Leland at Carmichael Training Systems (CTS) enthusiastically took my call and answered my questions. Their plan is to select 25 riders, men and women, and their ride will likely begin 2 hours before the real racers in an attempt to beat the race to the finish line. Yes they will ride the entire stage, each day, with the final time trial course in Denver ridden at a slower group ride pace. Their expected pace for interested cyclists on the CTS team should be at least approximately 3.5 watts/kg at threshold, with the ability to ride well in a pack. The CTS team of 25 will have 5-6 coaches on the road with them, and support vehicles passing through prior to the real riders and teams cars. So clear a path for them.

It sounds like fun for the 25 participants, and I suppose the growth of VIP experiences is inevitable. It is clear this pack will need more than money, they will need to be trained, and ah-ha that is precisely what CTS really offers. Included with the CTS USA Pro Challenge Race Experience is of course access to the VIP tent in each finish city, accommodations, meals with the teams, amenities and post-race massages. If you have $10,500 and want to apply to complete the CTS USA Pro Challenge Race Experience team challenge visit www.trainright.com/upcc-2012. Application deadline is Feb. 29, 2012. There are other VIP and travels packages found at this link

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