05 October 2011

Word of the Day: World Tour, ProTeam

Word-of-the-day Definitions: World Tour and ProTeam

World Tour - what used to be called the ProTour became the UCI World Tour in 2011. It is comprised of 27 elite male cycling events around the world. None of the races in the USA are on the World Tour calendar. (use a space between the 2 words). View a complete list of all UCI World Tour races. And the current World Tour rankings.
The UCI World Tour consists of 27 events. These events are made up from:
  • The three Grand Tours (Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, Vuelta a Espana)
  • The five Monument one day races
  • Nine further stage races in Europe
  • Six further one day races in Europe
  • One stage race in Australia
  • Two one day races in Canada
  • One stage race in Asia
ProTeam - in 2011 the teams that were approved to compete in the World Tour were renamed as UCI ProTeams (do not use a space between the 2 words). All ProTeams gain automatic entry into UCI World Tour events.
UCI Professional Continental Team - these teams compete in the UCI Continental Circuit races divided into 5 specified zones around the world, and must be formally invited to compete in a World Tour event. The team is comprised solely of professional riders and must have 14 riders, 2 team managers and 3 other staff members in full employment all year. ProConti is the slang term used for these teams.
UCI Continental Team - are governed on a national level and may comprise both professional and amateur riders who compete in continental races in their region. The nation under which the team is registered is the nation under which the majority of its riders are registered.

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