28 October 2011

Image of the Day: mandatory work apparel

What if this was your work uniform?
Every time I see this picture of Tejay Van Garderen I think, I wonder if his Mother knew all along her son would be heading off to work in this get-up? Sometimes I joke with others that I write my blog so that Dave Zabriskie's Mom can explain to her friends exactly what it is her son does for a living - Well Marilee, there is this thing called the Tour de France ... 
Just another day at the office for these pro cyclists
all photos by PedalDancer.com
Tejay Van Garderen all dressed up with someplace to go
© by PedalDancer.com
Dave Zabriskie and Andy Schleck dressed for their jobs; making their mother's proud
© by PedalDancer.com
Johan Vansummeren in his other (non-Classics) work clothes
© by PedalDancer.com
some people should be required to wear a skinsuit to work - Bernhard Eisel
© by PedalDancer.com
George Hincapie in his skinsuit
© by PedalDancer.com
Fränk Schleck on the job. In what other job do you get to wear such cool clothes?
© by PedalDancer.com
That's my boy!
p.s., just letting you know I am sitting at my computer right now with my aero helmet on.