08 January 2011

20,000+ views and growing

I write a cycling travel blog, a pro tour cycling fan blog
What exactly does that mean? I had no idea. Over the past 9 months I have learned a lot about writing a blog. I have a friend that I used to talk to about cycling all the time, then I decided I needed to write out my curiosities which were far too numerous and varied. My blog topics come from my daily thoughts. I am motivated from what excites me, through reading and researching, and by talking with others (mainly my cycling crazed family members). 
Cycling is a fascinating sport. Racing, riding, training, equipment, traveling, being a fan, following the athletes, planning rides, recovering from rides, and for me, mainly enjoying the social side of this sport. It has been quite the journey, and like so many journeys in life, I had no idea where it would lead.
I quickly realized I was not going to write the typical cycling blog about my training ride where I cranked out all of 250 watts, came home to a blueberry recovery drink, and went all wild and crazy once a week and drank a beer. I couldn't bore myself more. What I did learn is that every day I am curious. Curiosity drives me, and delights me. I also learned that once a ride or race is over I quickly forget who won.
This blog is not about race results, this blog is about the experience of cycling. The fun whimsical ability to push ourselves and laugh at ourselves in sport. Sport is fun. Cycling is fun. Which brings me to the second lesson I learned: good information allows us to relax enough to have fun.
And so I have adapted. I realized that people come to my blog seeking information to help them have fun. Chances are if I am curious about a topic someone else might be too. My knowledge might be 30 percent, but my interest is 100 percent, and my willingness to share what I learn is 110 percent. I have found my rewarding niche in being able to offer information and laughs about cycling. Thanks for joining the journey.
PedalDancer.com has had over 20,000 views from visitors from 2700 different cities in 96 countries. Thank you!