25 September 2010

Motivation from the work of others

Inspiration from a 22-year-old
I was completely inspired by my nephew Kenny today. After Kenny experienced a mechanical in the middle of a big race today, he said in great spirits, "I'll rebound from this, I have another race next weekend and that will be a good end [of the season] for me. I had a good time while I was here, I came and did my best, I think I could have done pretty well in the run". Kenny was one of the youngest in a field of 48 pros triathletes. He said the field was so strong that a number of racers didn't show up. But there was Kenny in the midst of it. Traveling across the country to attend the USA Elite National Triathlon Championships in Georgia, he told me he felt scared the night before but ready to compete with the best in the Nation.
"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it".  Nelson Mandela said that. He also once explained that he finds "motivation in the work of others". For him it was a poem, for me it is witnessing someone's approach to achieve excellence, of their work
We are all the same when it comes to daily worries and lifetime tragedies. We differ is in how we demonstrate our courage, fortitude, and disappointment. That is why I am a fan of sport. These qualities are in plain sight.
I don't necessarily consider athletes celebrities, or being graced with more than I have, I have no jealousy. I am motivated and inspired when others do well. As my friend Stephanie often acknowledges, "When my friends achieve, it adds to my life". Winning is not necessary, although admired. What motivates me is watching the process of courage unfold with an honest outcome. Kenny had a very honest outcome today, and he triumphed. I am truly inspired by his approach. Eh, so he "pulled an Andy Schleck" as he said, next week is a new race.

"Have a beer for me Kenny"

*Post post: Kenny competed that next weekend and got 4th place in his first ever 1/2 Ironman distance Elite Triathlon race. Results for the: Scott Tinleys Adventures Triathlon Way to go Kenny!