08 May 2010

France Favorites

The joys of cycling in France

I enjoy hearing any travel stories. I also enjoy saying out loud the things I love about certain places I have traveled. It makes my memories real and brings the feeling of being there back to life. Today is the day I recall some of the good things about riding a bike in France.
Ready ...

Olives in a pouch
Pyrenees Sheep's Cheese
Figalous (cookies)
Pan Chocolates
Fresh Fruit from the morning market
Peage Rest Stops, and small espresso cafe out of the 1 Euro machines.
Magnum Ice Cream Bars
Prix Fixe Meals
Citron Yogurt
Lots of nice small towns to stop in for a drink
Extremely courteous drivers

Extremely courteous motorcyclists

Riding up roads I usually only see on TV

There are no Ford F150 pick up trucks
Signs that tell you that indeed the road is as steep as your legs say it is

Roads clear of debri or potholes (I live in Colorado, this is rare)

Perfectly engineered roads for descending

Spending 3 hours lingering over dinner

Being able to drink the wine and ride the next day!

Bocce Ball played by old men in the park

The idea that every time I go to France I have new experiences!