01 May 2010

Food for the Cyclist

Ride to Eat - that is what I say!

This is not a post about the number of calories burned while cycling. I won't attempt to discuss whether is is better to consume carbs or protein after a hard ride. Nor will I talk about replacement drinks or optimal nutrition for the cyclist - this post is about the real food that cyclists eat.

I had lunch today with Brian and Steve, two friends I ran into after cycling. Brian had just returned from cycling in Belgium two weeks ago and I asked him if he now found himself craving a certain type of food that reminded him of Belgium, "the beer," he said, "the beer". We also talked about the Rosti is Switzerland, that incredible pile of hashed brown potato, in pure butter, topped with melted cheese. "Ah, that was so good," we reminded ourselves.

Every cyclist knows that food tastes so much better after a good ride. It could be half the reason why we ride our bikes so long and so hard. I think the award of the food is directly proportional to the effort exerted. I am sure someone has conducted a study on this.

Let's talk food. Let's talk about the favorite coffee shop we all have. Let's talk about the jambon and cheese sandwiches in France, let's talk about the salted olive oil with bread in Italy, or the homemade pasta, or the gelato. There's the Church Lady Pie on Ragbrai (the week long bike ride across Iowa), a cup of coffee from the Bulldog Cafe in Solvang at the Tour of California, the morning croissant in Valloire at the Dauphine Libere, a cold Perrier at the cafe Le Chalet Reynard on Mount Ventoux. We all have our favorites.

It is fun to reminisce. Today our lunch was a burger and fries. I would be happy having this for lunch in just about any town in Colorado. In California I would be eating tacos with fresh guacamole. In Utah, during our cycling trips, our choice is commonly Mexican food. In France an easy insalata mista, and a quattro formaggio pizza with a nice chilled rose wine will do just fine, thank you.

Hungry now? Enjoy your lunch, Bon Appetit! Tomorrow we ride again.


  p.s., Here is the sign of a happy cyclist