16 April 2016

Recommended Reading: Tro-Bro Léon

Spotlight on a race in Brittany, France

This week I really enjoyed reading Caley Fretz's piece on Tro-Bro Léon, the bike race in Brittany (Bretagne), France, which awards the first Breton to cross the line with a piglet. Yes, a baby pig.

Read: Hell of the west: Tro-Bro Leon, By Caley Fretz of VeloNews. He'll make you feel like you are at the race.

More about the race on the official race website (in French!): trobroleon.jimdo.com. Or follow on Twitter: @trobroleon

Congratulations you get a piglet!
The land where piglets are awarded on the podium!

By the looks of things, anyone who doesn't get lost out on course deserves an award! Maybe a chicken.

Tro-Bro Leon parcours