08 July 2013

If i were in the Pyrenees today

I would want to linger

And not rush to Nantes to chase the tour. Maybe I would stay an extra day at the farm, in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains, just to enjoy the scenery, do a short local ride over the beautiful green foothills, some laundry and have a nice meal on the patio.

I miss this wonderful home in the Pyrenees. The place we call Le Sagué.

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Which has these wonderful views

And many other small details which make it so special and memorable.

Where friends have gathered over the years

Monica enjoying the morning sunshine on the patio
Dash washing bikes
Mike, Suz, and Stevo before our very first Tour de France stage in Pau in 2001
Jean Paul thought Mike could do l'Étape du Tour on this bike hanging around the farm, we weren't so sure.
This is my happy existence at this magical place

Champagne, maps, and what a view!
Proof that I adapt well to rainy weather
So too does my beloved bike.
Le Sagué has the most incredible roads nearby. Including a road out the back door we call the "Tommy Voeckler road" because one must voluntarily look like Voeckler just to get up it.

The Magnificent Col d'Aubisque and the fantastic Col de Marie Blanque are out the backdoor.

To the left = Col d'Aubisque. To the right = Col de Marie Blanque.
Yes, I would linger just a day longer in the Pyrenees at le sague. Just to come home to this light after a nice long ride.

And awake to the mist of the morning in the Pyrenees

Maybe longer  ...

I'll meet you on Mont Ventoux in 6 days. I am lingering.

And riding the Tommy Voeckler road ....