22 April 2013


Hello, I have not forgotten about you and your cycling passions. I have been extremely occupied with a big 'ol project at work. After many many hours sitting at a computer (my real job), I feel the need to get up and move, and see the sky. Which for the most part has had snow falling from it in recent months here in Denver. But that's not the point, the point is sorry for being absent. I will return.

I gotta return because THE Giro is coming up in 2 weeks, and THE Amgen Tour of California begins in 3 weeks. And those two races are BIG BIG BIG.

Meanwhile I managed to update the  TOUR OF CALIFORNIA guide page (a priority), the USA PRO CHALLENGE guide page, and to keep the 2013 Colorado Cycling Event & Race Calendar up-to-date with some new additions.

Ok, keep riding, back soon ......