25 April 2013

2013 USA Pro Challenge route maps and descriptions

Route maps, stage profiles, and stage descriptions released today

Come back to Colorado - please!

The details for the 2013 race were officially released today. Even though the race organizer are suing it's old sponsor Exergy Development Group for 2.5 million for failure to pay promised funds in 2012, the race is still on for 2013.

Most of us who live here in Colorado could have guessed the exact routes of this year's race once the host cities were announced months ago. Yet I was uncertain about the route of Stage 2 from Aspen to Breckenridge and Stage 6 from Loveland to Fort Collins. They had several choices. For Stage 2, I am surprised to see the route go south from Aspen through Buena Vista and over Hoosier Pass into Breckenridge. For Stage 6, I am happy to see the race climb to Estes Park from Loveland, right next to our shining star of tourism - Rocky Mountain National Park.

We are staying in the north central part of the state this year, and both Loveland and Fort Collins are new territory. The best news is that the Individual Time Trial will return to Vail to climb Vail Pass, and that the warm and welcoming town of Steamboat Springs is back on the map. Now we know all the cities, roads and climbs that will be included in this year's tour. Here they are - the maps for the seven stages of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

Monday, August 19th to Sunday, August 25th, 2013
Seven Stages
Official website: http://www.usaprocyclingchallenge.com/
Complete route description: http://usaprocyclingchallenge.com/2013-route 

Monday, Aug. 19 - Stage 1: Aspen/Snowmass Circuit
Tuesday, Aug. 20 - Stage 2: Aspen/Snowmass - Breckenridge
Wednesday, Aug. 21 - Stage 3: Breckenridge - Steamboat Springs
Thursday, Aug. 22 - Stage 4: Steamboat Springs - Beaver Creek
Friday, Aug. 23 - Stage 5: Vail Time Trial
Saturday, Aug. 24 - Stage 6: Loveland - Fort Collins
Sunday, Aug. 25 - Stage 7: Denver Circuit

Overview of location of host cities: Look at all those mountains!

Location of Host Cities in the State of Colorado for the 2013 USA Pro Challenge. Map created by Pedal Dancer®
Location of Colorado in the U.S.A.
The Colorado State Flag

USA Pro Challenge - route details, route maps and route profiles for 2013
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Details:  Stage 1: Aspen Circuit Race – Monday, Aug. 19

Miles: 21.6 (34.7km) per lap, 66 miles total
Stage 1 Route Map
Stage 1 Route Profile

Details:  Stage 2:  Aspen to Breckenridge – Tuesday, Aug. 20

Miles: 126.1 (202.9km)
Stage 2 Route Map
Stage 2 Route Profile
Details:  Stage 3:  Breckenridge to Steamboat Springs – Wednesday, Aug. 21

Miles: 106.1 (170.8km)
Stage 3 Route Map
Stage 3 Route Profile

Details:  Stage 4:  Steamboat Springs to Beaver Creek – Thursday, Aug. 22

Miles: 102.9 (165.6km)
Stage 4 Route Map
Stage 4 Route Profile

Details:  Stage 5:  Vail Individual Time Trial – Friday, Aug. 23

Miles: 10 (16.1km)
Stage 5 Route Map
Stage 5 Route Profile
Details:  Stage 6:  Loveland to Ft. Collins – Saturday, Aug. 24

Miles: 115.2 (185.4km)
Stage 6 Route Map
Stage 6 Route Profile

Details:  Stage 7:  Denver Circuit Race – Sunday, Aug. 25

Miles: 9.4 (15.1km)
Stage 7 Route Map
Stage 7 Route Profile

We can thank the 2013 race Sponsors (Partners)

For more information (and photos from last years race) please visit the Pedal Dancer guide page: USA PRO CHALLENGE.  This page will be continuously updated throughout the coming months.