11 February 2013

Pro Team bikes, jerseys, sponsors, equipment, links

ProTeam Bikes, Jerseys in photos, Team Rosters, Equipment and Links


Are you interested in learning which road bikes the pro teams will be riding in 2013? How about recognizing the new pro team jerseys for 2013? Perhaps reviewing the team rosters for 2013, or discovering who sponsors all these teams and makes these races possible; transporting the teams from country to country with bikes, equipment and staff in tow. 

Each year cycling fans relearn team names and the reconfiguration of team rosters. We also need to learn how to quickly recognize a team's jersey and equipment. It is all part of easily identifying any rider in a mass of flying flurry called the peloton. Instantly we are able to recognize who is in the break, who is chasing, and who is racing to the finish line in a sprint.

But mostly we notice the pro equipment because we like to buy really cool gear!

There is much equipment that goes into making a bike team possible (and a weekend warrior), here are the summaries of the 2013 bikes, jerseys, rosters, sponsors, and equipment for the 2013 ProTeams. This year I am referring you to the work of others, they've done such a great job, their work should be shared (and the time saved allows me to go ride my own bike, and go to yoga and dancing and drink Belgium beer, and you get the point).

Bikes:  Bikes Of The Peloton :: 2013 ProTeam Rides, By Cycling Tips (Why repeat what someone else has done marvelously by capturing pictures of every road bike in the professional cycling ProTeams for 2013). This has been a tradition of mine, to assemble images of the bikes since 2011 ProTeam Bikes, but not this year.

Jerseys:  2013 Cycling Jerseys, By Ciclismo (Again why repeat a perfectly good project that probably took this blogger hours to complete - thank you! Enjoy the big beautiful photos in this piece.) Another tradition of mine, but Ciclismo beat me to the line this year.

Rosters: 2013 Riders and teams Database, By CyclingNews.com. Click through to see lists of riders, managers, Directeurs sprotifs, neo pros, and which riders left the teams in 2012.

Statistics, Teams, and Race Results: 2013 Team and Rider Statistics, By ProCyclingStats (team rosters, calendars, race rosters, race results, and rankings).

Sponsors: Pro Team Sponsors: What Do They Do? By The Inner Ring, (again, more good work to share). As usual cycling continues to be sponsored by lotteries, flooring companies,communications companies, banks, governments, bicycle parts manufacturers, mining and manufacturing, and very wealthy individuals. And let's not forget soy pudding!
Without a Garmin GPS I would still be lost in Europe
Team Equipment:
ProTeam Equipment 2013 - Bikes, Components, Wheels, Tires, By Pedal Dancer 
ProTeam Equipment 2013 - Pedals, Saddles, Clothing, Helmets, By Pedal Dancer 

So many bikes, wheels, saddles, helmets - oh my.  ©Photo by Karen at Pedal Dancer®
Pro Team Social Media Links: 2013 Pro Teams, and team links, By Pedal Dancer. A list of Twitter, Facebook, News/Websites, and Youtube for each UCI professional cycling team. 
Tweet: "Some guy in yellow just rolled by. He was looking good."  Bradley Wiggins on Col d'Aubisque, TDF 2012.  ©Photo by Monica at Pedal Dancer®
And for extra bonus - a race calendar: Recommended: Race Calendar by The Inner Ring

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