11 January 2013

2013 Pro Teams, and Social Media links

Links to Pro Team Websites, News, Facebook Pages, Twitter Pages, and Youtube Pages

Interested in following your favorite pro team through their 2013 racing season? I have compiled the ProTeams' links to their websites, news or blog pages, facebook pages, twitter pages and youtube pages. You may easily select any teams you wish to follow, or add to your bookmarks or reading list.

The professional cycling teams have become their own rolling marketing extravaganza with photographers, videographers, bloggers, and riders who tweet. We fans might as well go straight to the source.

I have also updated the PRO TEAM Pedal Dancer information Guide Page located in the top right hand column of this blog, so that you may easily locate this information at any time in the future. 

2013 UCI ProTeam Cycling Teams (and links to team websites & Social Media)

List of ProTeam websites to bookmark: see team rider profiles and pictures, view team bikes and sponsors, read current team race results and news.

UCI Professional Continental Team

Professional Cycling Teams - blogs & news feeds

Pro Team News: Follow the ProTeams through their race season. Add these links to your reader. Also a very good source for seeing recent team photos.

Professional Cycling Teams on Facebook

List of Pro Teams on Facebook: If you are a fan of Facebook, follow your favorite professional cycling team on Facebook.

Professional Cycling Teams on Twitter

List of Pro Teams on Twitter: Read tweets as the teams share updates and photos on Twitter.

Professional Cycling Teams on Youtube

You can go directly to the team library of videos on youtube. No need to wait until someone else discovers them for you. List of Pro Teams on Youtube: watch videos made or shared by the teams.