13 January 2013

Pedal Dancer Recommendations

Cycling Links and Resources 

I have recently updated my Recommendations and Resources Guide Page on this website. This page, located in the right column (or under the dropdown tab at the top when using a phone), may easily be found at any time.

I offer recommendations to online news sources, bike blogs, photographers, cycling tour companies, accommodations, nutrition and training blogs, cycling humorists, rider blogs, podcasts, tumblres, and more recommendations in the world of cycling.

I will, of course, be adding more recommendations over time. If you have any favorites or recommendations you would like to share, or have me add to this list, please let me know. For all the hard work out there, it is helpful to let cyclists and fans find and appreciate the good stuff.

Recommendations and Resources (follow this link)
Topics include recommended:
  • Cycling news sources 
  • Websites for cycling news links, video links, photos, routes, team rosters, race results
  • Cycling news bloggers
  • Bike equipment review websites and blogs
  • Area cycling blogs or websites
  • Online cycling magazines & newsletters
  • Bike blogs 
  • Cycling columns
  • Nutrition, health and training blogs
  • Cycling coaches
  • Cycling race route news
  • Cycling humorists
  • Pro rider blogs
  • Pro team blogs & news feeds
  • Travel blogs
  • Cycling photographers 
  • Tumblre 
  • Podcasts 
  • Bike Tour Companies 
  • Cycling Accommodations 
  • Sources to buy bike equipment, gear, and apparel 
  • Good Deeds to Do
Let's hear it for a job well done, for the hard working folks who make our lives as cyclists, if not more exciting, well at least more informed.