24 February 2012

A non-cycling fan trip to the TDF

More options for fans at the Tour de France

Thomson Bike Tours is offering an interesting tour idea for non-cyclists to attend as a fan and follow the action of the Tour de France up close. Replace the term "avid cyclist" with avid fan and perhaps avid photographer and you have spectators being offered a chance to chase the Tour de France with a professional guide company. Keep in mind that Thomson Bike Tours has been doing this for over 10-years and is in the practice of guiding very strong "avid cyclists," which means they will offer the same experience and knowledge to you, appreciating that you are equally as huge of a fan of professional cycling. 
Photo by Thomson Bike Tours from their real adventures
Be a spectator at the Tour de France on a guided tour. A fan tour
  • Tour de France Pyrenees to Paris - Spectator Trip. 9 days, July 15-23, 2012
  • Tour de France VIP Paris Finish Viewing. 2/days/2 nights, July 21-23, 2012
I like the idea that they are making the experience of the Tour de France accessible to a wider range of fans. I also like that you may tack on additional days before or after joining one of their Tours in 2012. You can either ride yourself or be a tourist at your favorite sites in France, then meet up with them for the true action of the TDF. Another point to consider is that Thomson Bike Tours is an official A.S.O. Tour Company - when they say VIP, they mean VIP. As an official VIP Tour Operator of the Tour de France they will be granted special access. For any aspiring sports or travel photographer, this could be an amazing chance to capture some great shots and have a few unexpected stories to tell your friends and family back home.
Photo by Thomson Bike Tours
Remember I don't get paid for promoting anything in this sport. My interest is in sharing the thrill and passion for cycling. I like to point out when real people are doing amazing things for this sport. Peter Thomson has been growing his business for years and has earned his connections. His staff work hard to make your experience memorable, often setting up camp on mountain tops at key viewing points days before the race, selecting excellent hotels and meals, understanding the pace, and placing you where you can best experience the Tour de France. 

I recently spoke with Peter Thomson via Skype (he was in Spain, I was in Colorado). We had a wonderful conversation. Pete is an individual who loves the sport, a former racer himself and from Scotland, he started guiding tours in 2003 and is now based near Barcelona, Spain. He truly understands what to do and what not to do when it comes to guiding cyclists and fans. Which can only be learned through experience and feedback, and the fact the 80% of his clients are returning customers. Need I say more?
Photo by Thomson Bike Tours
At least read over their itineraries and dream ... or plan for your future trip to the Tour de France. You can make it happen. 

You may also enter to win a free trip to the Tour de France in 2012 with Thomson Bike Tours - complete this form on their website: enter drawing. The winner will be announced April 6, 2012. You could be going to the Tour de France in 2012 - I'm so excited for you!