01 December 2011

1st Snowstorm of December

A few opinions on a snowy night 
I told myself that upon arrival of the next big snow storm into Denver I would finally change my bloggola over to Word Press. Well, said snowstorm is piling up outside at this very minute, but instead of making major blog-altering changes, this evening I have my thoughts on varied tiny topics. Number one is that VeloNews reported today that Wayne Stetina (the main-man behind Shimano USA) "has actually been using 12-32 cassettes with 53-39 chainrings on his Di2 bike." A 32, I would like a 32. It would go well with this Climb France T-shirt for $10 I noticed today while online Christmas shopping.
I also noticed that of all the Christmas gift suggestions being published recently for cyclists, none of the stuff interests me at all, except for maybe the iphone case with a beer opener. Although I am thinking it is so gosh darn cool, it is probably not limited to cyclists only. I might make my own list of gifts for the traveling cyclist. I have also been thinking about posting pictures from various stages I photographed in 2011 but never had time to post in real time. I probably should get to that before 2012, but tonight I am not in the mood to mark photographs with tiny ©s. 
Which reminds me, I read the list of best cycling blogs published today by Outside Magazine, and thought hey, Bangable Dudes in Cycling got 4th? What, 4th for stealing other people's photographs and taking the bangable concept that existed in other cultural sites before them (Bangable Dudes in History)? We can't all write like that, because some of our mothers read our blogs (Hi Mom!). Besides they came on the scene well after my 15,000+ views and counting legs glorious legs and my 30,000 views - The Men of the Peloton posts which seems quite the coincidence, I am thinking. 
I do agree with Otuside Magazine's choice of BSNY, a great blog.  But what, no inclusion of I am Ted King - come on, he is the real deal in blogging. Also no Cycling Tips, no Pedaling The Road, no Twisted Spoke, or Continuation of Chaotic Joy (now renamed "On the Road"). Opinion is not everything! I say experience, knowledge and teaching or exposing me to something new, or making me laugh, through fun interesting insight goes a long way in my book.
The strongest opinion I did have today was that someone should have, by now, published an actual map of the 2012 Tour of Flanders (Ronde van Vlaanderen). I would like to start making some plans to see the Spring Classics in Belgium come April. Do you know how long it would take me to plot this file (RVV 2012 Elite Men Roadmap) on my very large foldable Michelin map or on Map My Ride? Too long. It is times like this, when I realize how dependent I have become on Steephill.TV. Why wasn't Steephill.TV on the list of best blogs? He is an incredible resource for cycling fans - oh again, he doesn't give opinions!
Meanwhile the snow continues to softly fall outside, as I look over to see my crystal wine glass filled with a nice velvety red glistening under the candlelight. Tonight there will be no major reshuffling of Pedal Dancer, it is time to peacefully enjoy the first big snowfall of December and reopen a new book I started last night titled Unbroken. So far, it is excellent reading - in my opinion.