21 November 2011

Recommended eating: Beef Bourguignon

The Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick maker
Let's skip right past today's headlines of Alberto Contador's impending drug investigation, and news that the Butcher is now being called into the proceedings, and instead head straight to La Lanterne Rouge Cycling Lodge for dinner. What's on the menu - beef! 

Nestled in an ideal location in the heart of the Pyrenees mountains we find Olive, accomplished chef and owner of the cycling lodge, welcoming us to her aromatic kitchen. Olive is today sharing with us her prized Beef Bourguignon recipe.

It so happens that Olive's husband Paddy is the resident photographer and co-owner of the Lodge, and so we are not only given the real authentic recipe, Paddy is providing images that elicit the scent of this wonderful traditional French dish. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches here in the United States, don't hesitate to add these simple ingredients to your grocery list. And don't forget a nice bottle of red wine.

Olive's Beef Bourguignon a step by step recipe to recreate a delicious French tradition. 
adapted Photo by Paddy Sweeney
Word of the Day: Bon Appétit = "Enjoy your meal"

(beef = boeuf, mushroom = champignon, onion = oignon, smoked bacon = lardons fumée, green beans = haricots verts, mashed potatoes = purée de pommes de terre, red wine = vin rouge, delicious = délicieux!)

Can you believe as cyclists there is a place where we can wake up, go climb the Col du Tourmalet, and come home to delicious food like this for dinner? This place exists