13 November 2011

Quote of the day: Ivan Basso

"I usually do 30-40 thousand meters of climbing in training per month. In May, after the crash on Mount Etna and 12 days of rest, I only did 16,000, but I finished in Lombardia with a smile." ~ Ivan Basso

Basso explaining how his crash in May on a training ride in the 2011 affected his overall performance at the Tour de France in July (where he finished 8th). My brother said it explains to him that he clearly "does not climb enough!" To me it explains that no amount of compu-trainer classes indoors in winter can simulate 40,000 meters of climbing in the Italian or French Alps. I really need to just go there. 

40,000 meters of climbing is 131,233.6 feet - each month! Any amateur cyclist who trains all year round to complete an event with 10,000 feet of climbing in a day, can remind themselves that Ivan Basso climbs 13 times that amount each month in training. There should be no doubt that mountains separate an amateur from a pro. So next time you are suffering on a climb - channel your inner Basso!

This is me out climbing the Col du Tourmalet in 2008. Time on the bike is what it takes.

Update 11/15/11: I should have mentioned I work for my brother, who loves to ride a bike. Sometimes I call him with work related questions in the middle of the day only to recognize the sound of heavy breathing. I usually ask, "where are you climbing now?" After answering my brief question today, in between breaths as he climbed upwards, he added, "okay I only have 39,000 meters of climbing left to do this month, I'm almost there!"