17 August 2011

How to watch the USA Pro Cycling Challenge

In Colorado!
If you cannot attend the stages of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge this year in Colorado, you can watch the race live, or read the press and view the images of the race. Where and how to watch the tour in Colorado this year? 
Official website
Watch the USA Pro Cycling Tour online
Tour Tracker  
Visit Steephill.TV to see if live online links are offered, The race is supposed to be aired in Australia, but I am not certain if we will be able to see the feed in the USA.
Watch the race live on TV
 Versus TV Schedule (These are Eastern Times, in Colorado Pre Show daily at 1:30pm, live race coverage will be daily at 2:00pm M-S, 12:00pm on Sunday! Post show at 9:00pm)

Cycling News websites - covering the USA Pro Cycling Challenge stage race: 
Online news and video
Bicycling.com (videos and news)
OzCycling is here from Australia (videos)
Hardly Serious with Jens Voigt (the man will be here racing and blogging)
I am Ted King (so will this man)
PedalDancer.com I will be chasing the tour at every stage, being a fan, riding and blogging from the road about the riders I see and the people I meet. With plenty of new photos.
Virtual Rides 
Map My Ride

Read the power files
Saxo-Bank Sunguard rider 
United Healthcare rider 

Being a fan at the race
If you will be out on the roads or in the towns watching the race in person and want to know more information about planning your day, please read: What a fan needs, what a fan wants or Fan information for the USA Pro Cycling Challenge