23 August 2010

Eggs and Bacon

Do Americans really eat eggs and bacon and pancakes for breakfast?
I was asked this question, in all honesty, at a Bed in Breakfast in Guchan, France this past July. The dinner table was full of French and German guests who wanted to know what I ate for breakfast (this is what they wanted to know about Americans?). I responded, "I eat the same thing I do here. I eat yogurt and muesli and coffee, sometimes berries or fruit, sometimes I eat a simple baguette and jam. I don't eat a lot of wheat or processed food, and no fast food". They looked baffled. I think they really thought we all ate eggs and sausage every morning, after all they had seen the movie Supersize Me. 

Yesterday I happened upon this twitter site. Could this be why we have a reputation for eating really bad for you food - because we do? If you are what you eat, I do not want to see the person behind the camera lens of these photos. 
Both funny and scary.

*post post: I couldn't resist this: