16 August 2010

Cycling in Girona Spain

Remember how I raved about Girona, Spain?

Remember how I fled the Pyrenees for Girona, Spain? Remember how I ate 2 scoops of gelato daily, found a beautiful beach just north of Girona, and said it was one of the best parts of being in France for 5 weeks? Well, I should have found this article before I headed to France and I would have intentionally gone to Girona instead of somehow ending up in Girona.

Michael Barry wrote an article for Canadian Cycling Magazine about
Girona, Spain: Riding in the pros’ backyards By Michael Barry - Published June 8, 2010

He offers some really excellent travel advice about cycling in the Girona Area. The third hotel he recommends in the article, Hotel Ciutat de Girona, happens to be where I stayed, I thought it was very good. If I travel to France again with my bike I am definitely going back to Girona. I thought it was fun. I wanted a few more days there to really enjoy myself. Ah, a reason to return.

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