28 January 2015

A cold winter's thaw

It's 70 degrees in Denver!

Sorry to the inhabitants of the east coast of the United States and your severe recent winter storm, but I saw a man running around the park in Denver yesterday in short pants. I do remember summer, however distant a memory that might be, but this recent heat wave felt in Denver guarantees exciting conversational topics such as, "Why would anyone ride inside on a day like this," or "We went for a nice ride outside the other day," and my favorite, "You do plan to ride outside today don't you?" - and all this on a Tuesday in January.

Two days ago my niece Kristina, who was dreaming of moving to Denver, asked me, "Are there really marked seasons in Denver?" You bet there are. There is the I can wash my bike outside season, and the I can wash my bike outside but must remember to unhook the hose afterward season, and finally the no way in this frozen hell can I wash my bike outside season. That's three seasons, not four. That's all I care about.

When I shared with a friend the joy I experienced in washing all of my bikes outside last Sunday, he quickly asked, "Did you carefully towel off your chain rings and chain to remove every drop of water because they can rust!" He said this with such great concern, I smiled and responded, "Nop, I set them against the brick wall in the warm sun and let them heat like a TB patient at the Tuberculosis ward." Oh the joy of taking care of a bike in winter in Colorado.

Perhaps the period of not riding a bike outside makes me appreciate the act even more when the warm temperatures return to Colorado. Of course I can ride every day through winter if I wanted - and I know some crazy fools who do just that - but I am not one of them. I like a pleasant 50-70 degree temperature for optimal bike riding. I reason it is worth waiting for.

Sorry to have been away for a long bit

I haven't been posting lately, but had good reasons: no, it was not the fact that I was so disappointed in the Astana/UCI debacle (and thanks to everyone who worried I would never write again). Sure I was miffed, but as a blogger I get to write exactly how I feel about things and not what I am paid to write or think about things. My true absence was due in a small way to working on a new website and in a larger way to looking for a new job. Which I am still doing (although glaringly slacking at the moment). My Irish catholic guilt syndrome (or perhaps it's my American hard work ethic) always kicks in to make me feel that all work must be done before play commences.

But then this gorgeous weather happened and play just sprang forth with abandon.

All I know is I better find a real job before my season of I can wash my bike outside anytime becomes permanent, or it'll be a long broke jobless (but joyful) summer.

bucket of bike washing supplies
My bucket of joy