02 December 2014

Spending and Giving

It is giving Tuesday, a global celebration

Most of us were brought up to believe that it is better to give than receive. That through giving we can be happy and feel productive, that giving makes us better people. But giving makes much of the good in this world possible. It is fact that much of the arts, non-profit organizations, research, medical advances and education have not only been funded through our governments and our taxes, but by businesses and very generous individuals.

We couldn't make changes in this world without the giving of the very rich and the very poor. Every day thousands give their time to volunteering, others give their money. Both are equally valuable.

Give wisely

Now this is where the lessons lie: how many of us have participated in sporting events for a cause, even when that cause is not one we selected, and even when the event organizers went looking for any cause so they looked good? I for one like to support a cause I believe in. I think ALS is a terrible disease, but when cancer has taken the lives of my grandfather, an Aunt, two Uncles, and has been diagnosed and treated in my Mother, Father, all three of my brothers, myself and my dog - Cancer will always be my cause of choice.

This year I made small donations to individual friends who were conquering their dreams, and to the Amy Dombroski Foundation; the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado's Junior program; Trips for Kids; and today to StandUpToCancer. I hate cancer.

Give today, and if you hate cancer too - give here to S↑2C  Stand Up To Cancer

If you have no money to give The Guardian (UK) gives some excellent ideas on how your can give. Giving Tuesday: 10 ways to donate that don’t cost a penny.

Give to your favorite cause.