29 December 2012

I need to travel

I got a new passport!

I am now onto my 4th passport (if you don't count my Irish one, which makes 5). Either I am not traveling as much or they don't stamp um like they used to. I fear it is the later, because my passports are staying thinner and thinner every year.

Remember when you used to get your passport stamped? Oh the sound, oh the meaning that you were entering new territory, oh the memories of travel as you glanced back upon your collection of stamps.

My passport used to have many page extensions with many stamps (probably because I lived in SE Asia, but also because they used to stamp the heck out of those books). Stamps brought me joy, now I am lucky if I hear that pound on the desk a few times a year.

Still the feeling when I received my new passport in the mail this past week was pure elation. My NEW passport, I called out as I held it aloft in admiration, it needs a STAMP ... travel!

Wait ... I have no place to go. I have no travel plans. That is just wrong.

5 passports! And no place to go ....