02 July 2012

Reading and watching the fun at the Tour

Catching up with those at the Tour de France
The Tour de France is back and so too are many of my favorites who bring us news, stories, and photography. Let's meet up those happy folk as they begin their adventures of bringing us the sideline news from the Tour de France.
They are back! Jens Voigt, Bernhard Eisel, Frankie Andreau and James Startt, Chris Horner, O'Nev, Dan Wouri, and some excellent new sources.
O'nev ciclismo photographia: Absolutely recommended reading, O'Nev is a fascinating photojournalist offering spectacular photography with a human touch. Read his adventures as he covers the Tour.
Hardly Serious with Jens Voigt: His chosen topics are always a delight and a surprise. Bicycling.com emerges from a state of boredom to provide excellent features during the Tour de France.
Tour Talk: The rare time I have tolerance the wade through the cumbersome Bicycling.com website is to view Tour Talk with Frankie Andreu and James Startt. These two cover the news of the Tour as if I was sitting chatting with my knowledgeable friends. I like the mood of their videos, it could have been called Straight Talk.
Breakfast with Bernie: A series of morning chats before each stage start with Bernhard Eisel for VeloNews.com. Bernie is asking that you submit questions for him to answer, follow him and write to him via his facebook page.
Chris Horner diaries: To make sure Chris has an outlet for his oratory skills, he is providing  guaranteed race analysis interviews with Bicycling.com.
Dan Wouri: The tweeter humorist is now writing a column for VeloNews called The Livestream Diaries.

Team Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass - Tour de France: A behind the scenes video series from the team.

John Wilcockson: For a historical insight approach read Mr Wilcockson's articles for Peloton.
Cycle Sport Tour Village: Cycle Sport Magazine has all sorts of topics that delight, other than their great daily previews, check out Le Gourmet de France: One man’s culinary journey at Le Tour.
Tour de Pez: Pez Cycling's news travel series will bring you through the 2012 Tour de France stage by stage. 
Steephill.TV: I enjoy their Tour de France Big Photos series after each stage, the images seem to capture the mood and faces of the day. Pull up Steephill to scan their listed videos and stories from the day for the best of the real sport news stories. 

Road ID and Bob Roll TV commercials.
With these news sources you should be able to keep abreast of the human interest stories, travel stories, and sport stories. Enjoy your next three weeks in France!