02 February 2011

Jacky Bobby breaks the unbreakable

Australian Jack Bobridge, a 21 year-old, broke a fifteen year record 
This was the day in Sidney, Australia that Jack Bobridge broke a world record that had been in place since 1996. Bobridge finally broke Chris Boardman's 4km track record - and he did it by more than half a second (0.580). The record was set at 4:11.114 in 1996 in Manchester, England by Chris Boardman. In a time when world records are sometimes broken and rebroken on the same day in other sports, this is a really big deal in cycling. Jack Bobridge was 6 years old when Boardman set that record. Every day he went out on his bike led him to this day. He didn't know today would be the day.

The new 4000m individual pursuit world record time to beat is 4.10.534. The man to beat is called Jacky Bobby.

Jack’s Stats 
Nickname: Jacky Bobby
Current Professional Team: Garmin-Cervelo 
DOB: 07/13/1989 
Birth Place: Adelaide, South Australia 
Current Residence: Evanston Gardens, South Australia 
Nationality: Australian 
Height: 5’10″ / 178 cm 
Strengths: time trial, overall, track 
Pro Since: 2010 (he was racing U23 before that)
He is the current 2011 Australian Open Road Race Championship

 Jack Bobridge's comments from today:
"I can't really explain it at the moment, I am still stunned,” Bobridge, who rides for Garmin-Cervélo, told Cycling Australia, “I didn’t think that [the record] was going to come for a long time, I certainly didn’t think it would come while I was on the track." Velonation.com
"This morning I decided to come down a gear because it is quite humid in here and obviously it was the right decision, it was perfect gearing. Then after the first few laps, once I got my breathing right, I knew I was on." CyclingNews.com
Tomorrow Jack Bobridge is getting back on the road to race the Tour of Qatar. Read more about his palmares and Jack Bobridge on his team page at Garmin-Cervelo
*Chris Boardman lost his (UCI) 1-mile record (also set in 1996) to Ondřej Sosenka of Russia in 2005.