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Pedal Dancer Recommendations

On riding a bike
You can do it!
I am a sucker for inspirational quotes

On the cycling lifestyle
We Remain an Auto Nation
Concussions in Cycling
Cycling Injures

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Travel Quotes
A simple explanation of America
Where do I begin (a month of May travel)
An American at the Giro d'Italia in Northern Ireland
The Netherlands
8 most Romantic Cities in the World
A wild ride
I need to travel
A White Christmas in Denver
Looking Forward
Packing Tips for Cyclists
France is a place to be enjoyed slowly

On Food
Beer Update!
Best Beer Pubs and Breweries in Denver
The Baguette
How to order a coffee in France
Beers in Belgium

On people I have met or admire
Organization Behind the Race
That's my kid!
Kristof Ramon - remember his name
Advice for Andy
Book Review - Juliet Macur's

On interviews
An interview with Tom Danielson
An Interview with Thomson Bike Tours
Who is that voice on stage? (Brad Sohner)

On bikes and gear
A cold winter's thaw
Cycling Apparel

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Time Trial legs
More legs of the Tour of California
The legs that powered the tour
15,000+ views and counting

It's been a long time
Photo for the Day - Valentines

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My Top Twenty Climbs in France
Pedal Dancer Top 5 posts of 2012
Cycling News Best of 2012 (and Pedal Dancer's Top 10 moments in 2012)

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Photo for the Day - Passes & Badges
My personal post race thoughts on the USA Pro Chal...

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The Tour Hag
Favorite moments as a Fan in 2011

On bike races
Cycling is Growing

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I am a published photographer
My Photography
The Changing World of Photography
Photo for the Day - Art Treasures

On Poetry

On current topics
The Interview
Cycling is in the News Big Time
Colorado High

On doping
The day that pro cycling died
So there is still doping in cycling?

On Coffeeneuring
Coffeeneuring Challenge - an old Denver tradition
Coffeeneuring Challenge - old & new roads near home
Coffeeneuring - riding a long way for coffee
Coffeeneuring Challenge - Thump Coffee
Coffeeneuring Challenge - Cowboys and Coffee
Coffeeneuring Colorado

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15,000+ views and counting
Pedal Dancer Best of 2010
Favorite moments as a Fan in 2011
Pedal Dancer Top 5 posts of 2012
Pedal Dancer Top 10 Moments as a Cycling Tourist in 2012