10 July 2013

Tour Travel - Tour de France after Stage 11

Stage 11 Results and Stage 12 Race Day Planning

The World Champion proves why he is exactly that

So happy for Tony Martin, his wait for hours at the finish line after his own ride was worth it. In the end nobody rode the 33km course faster than he. Tony's time of 36'29" made his average speed 54.2 kmh (33.69 mph).

Today saw a change of the white jersey back from Quintana to Kwiatkowski, giving us more practice on spelling his name while realizing this is one rider who we will see much more of in the future.

The fans upset with Cavendish should think about the nature of bike racing. We go through this every year when folks expect a sprinting marvel to be courteous in the heat of battle. The referee determined the fall was the fault of Veelers, although Cavendish apologized by phone to Veelers last night, who took the call but definitely blamed Cavendish for causing his crash. I think Cav was aggressive but did not deserve relegation, yet blaming Veelers seemed wrong. I wrote my opinion yesterday on what occurred in Stage 10.

After stage 11 we can solidly say these 6 men (below) are strong contenders for the overall after half the stages of the Tour de France have been raced (10 stages remain):

The top 6 Contenders of the 2013 Tour de France - half way through the race
(read more about each rider at the links on their names)

Christopher Froome - in the lead by 3'25"
Chris Froome (Team SKY) South Africa
Alejandro Valverde - trails Froome by +3'25"
Alejandro Valverde (Movistar) Spain
Bauke Mollema +3'37"
Bauke Mollema (Belkin) Dutch
Alberto Contador +3'54"
Alberto Contador (Saxo-Tinkoff) Spain
Roman Kreuziger +3'57"
Roman Kreuziger (Saxo-Tinkoff) Czech
Laurens Ten Dam +4'10"
Laurens Ten Dam (Belkin) Dutch
And here it is - my favorite Laurens Ten Dam video of all time - on Alpe d'Huez in 2011:

Stage 11 Results
GER  1  MARTIN, Tony (OMEGA PHARMA - QUICK-STEP)          36:29
GBR  2  FROOME, Christopher (SKY PROCYCLING)              +   12
BEL  3  DE GENDT, Thomas (VACANSOLEIL-DCM)                + 1:01
AUS  4  PORTE, Richie (SKY PROCYCLING)                    + 1:21
CAN  6  TUFT, Svein (ORICA GREENEDGE)                     + 1:35
FRA  7  CHAVANEL, Sylvain (OMEGA PHARMA - QUICK-STEP)     + 1:37
FRA  8  ROY, Jérémy (FDJ)                                 + 1:43
NED  9  DUMOULIN, Tom (ARGOS-SHIMANO)                     + 1:45
NED  11 MOLLEMA, Bauke (BELKIN PRO CYCLING)               + 2:05
USA  12 TALANSKY, Andrew (GARMIN SHARP)                   + 2:08
ESP  13 VALVERDE BELMONTE, Alejandro (MOVISTAR TEAM)      + 2:12
DEN  14 BAK, Lars Ytting (LOTTO BELISOL)                  + 2:15
CZE  16 KREUZIGER, Roman (SAXO-TINKOFF)                   + 2:18
SVK  17 SAGAN, Peter (CANNONDALE PRO CYCLING)             
POL  18 BODNAR, Maciej (CANNONDALE PRO CYCLING)           + 2:21
FRA  19 PERAUD, Jean-Christophe (AG2R LA MONDIALE)        + 2:22
AUS  20 ROGERS, Michael (SAXO-TINKOFF)                    + 2:26
AUS  21 EVANS, Cadel (BMC RACING)                         + 2:30
NED  22 TEN DAM, Laurens (BELKIN PRO CYCLING)             + 2:32
General Classification after Stage 11
GBR  1  FROOME, Christopher (SKY PROCYCLING)                  42:29:24
ESP  2  VALVERDE BELMONTE, Alejandro (MOVISTAR TEAM)           +  3:25
NED  3  MOLLEMA, Bauke (BELKIN PRO CYCLING)                    +  3:37
ESP  4  CONTADOR VELASCO, Alberto (SAXO-TINKOFF)               +  3:54
CZE  5  KREUZIGER, Roman (SAXO-TINKOFF)                        +  3:57
NED  6  TEN DAM, Laurens (BELKIN PRO CYCLING)                  +  4:10
POL  7  KWIATKOWSKI, Michal (OMEGA PHARMA - QUICK-STEP)        +  4:44
COL  8  QUINTANA ROJAS, Nairo Alexander (MOVISTAR TEAM)        +  5:18
POR  9  FARIA DA COSTA, Rui Alberto (MOVISTAR TEAM)            +  5:37
FRA  10 PERAUD, Jean-Christophe (AG2R LA MONDIALE)             +  5:39 
Classification Jerseys - after Stage 11
YELLOW - Christopher Froome (SKY)
GREEN - Peter Sagan (Cannondale)
POLKA DOT - Pierre Rolland (Europcar)
WHITE - Michael Kwiatkowski (Omega Pharma-Quickstep)
COMBATIVE - [not awarded]
TEAM - Movistar
LANTERNE ROUGE - Dimitriy Muravyev (Astana) + 02h 06' 24"
Full list of overall GC standings here: General Classification standings 2013 Tour de France

Photo of the Day:
Now that is FAST!  Tony Martin is a blur before Mont-Saint-Michel and fans.
Official Stage 11 ITT Highlights  letour
Tony Martin After Stage 11 - a truly overwhelming barrage of media on him

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In Search of a Little Humanity
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Who is Belkin Pro Cycling?

"The sponsorship of the Belkin Pro Cycling team was a natural partnership; we believe in teamwork, discipline, strength and innovation."
Belkin stepped up to sponsor a new cycling team in 2013. Taking some of the staff and many of the riders from the old Rabobank team. The team spent a period of time in waiting calling themselves Blanco, as in blank. The team now fully goes by the sole name of Belkin and is a UCI licensed Pro Team in the Netherlands, even though Belkin is an American company with 37 locations across the globe. The team also has many other equipment partners

Belkin, an American Electronics company, signed a two and a half year deal to sponsor the team, securing Richard Plugge as the team's General Manager, Nico Verhoeven as Sports Directuer, and Erik Dekker (you remember that cyclist right?) is one of six associate Sports Directors. Belkin products include wireless home networking and entertainment, mobile accessories, energy management, and lots of cables.

Roster of Riders on Belkin Pro Cycling Team  |  Follow team news   |  Belkin on Facebook

Two Belkin riders are in the top 6 on the GC at the Tour.  The squad of Belkin riders representing the team at the 2013 Tour de France includes:

Belkin Pro Cycling Team (the entire squad remains intact)
161 BOOM Lars
162 GESINK Robert
163 LEEZER Tom
164 MOLLEMA Bauke
165 NORDHAUG Lars Petter
166 TANKINK Bram
167 TEN DAM Laurens
169 WYNANTS Maarten
Laurens Ten Dam climbs with Contador and Froome. Photo from Belkin on Facebook

Stage 12  Thursday  July 11th  Fougères - Tours   218km!!  en ligne / sprinters stage

Expect a break, which will get caught at the end by a bunch sprint. Sorry sounds boring, but this is a stage to get the peloton moving back across France to Lyon and into the Rhone-Alps. The stage begins at 78m and ends at 48m in altitude (I hardly think the profile is worth adding), the distance is the killer at 218km (135.5 miles).

We should see a number of Movistar, Saxo-Tinkoff, and Belkin jerseys tomorrow at the front controlling both the break and the pace.

This is how it should be sprinter teams at the front, break forms, GC teams take over to catch breakaway, sprinter teams take over to the line, sprinters launch, sprint finish. 

To Tours in the Tour we go. Or, the Tour goes to Tours.
2013 Tour de France Stage 12

This year's Tour de France could also be called the Tourists Tour de France, because we continue to highlight some of the best locations (and folks) France has to offer. If the visit to the cycling crazed region of Brittany was not enough for you yesterday, over the next two stages we plow straight through the spectacular, and frequently visited, Loire River Valley.

The town of Fougères has one of the oldest belfrys in Brittany and was home to writers Chateaubriant, Hugo and Balzac. It is also a designated ville d'art et d'histoire and specializes in ramaougerie (apple preserves). Yum.

The town of Tours is very close to Château de Chambord - one of the most popular tourist sites in France and smack dab in the beautiful Loire valley which means the white wines of Touraine! Castles line the scenic Loire river and cycling, walking, driving, and boat tours abound. I visited nearby Angers and the area in 2003 when the Tour de France Time Trial was held nearby. You could definitely get castled-out here, in fact over a thousand chateaus dot the riverbanks of the Loire river.
Photo from www.cycling-loire.com
Touraine wines
Read by Pedal Dancer®:  Recommended Reading: Wines of the 2013 Tour de France and Most Popular Tourist Sites in France.

How to pronounce Loire =

The stretch of la Loire river from Orléans to Angers (river flows west). 
The Loire river feeds France, bringing water from its point of origin in Cévennes in the Ardèche all the way to the Atlantic ocean where it meets the sea at the Bay of Biscay at St Nazaire. It is the longest river in France (1,012 km).
The Loire River.  click image to enlarge
The many major rivers of France  click image to enlarge

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