23 July 2013

Recap of Tour de France Coverage

Pedal Dancer posts from the 2013 Tour de France

Plus recommended reading by other journalists

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I greatly enjoyed writing about the Tour this year and sharing stories through my Tour Travel series and other special interest stories. Here is a list of all the posts I wrote about the Tour de France this year. I feel like I learned more about the riders and teams, about the rules and tactics, and the general flow of pacing through a Grand Tour stage race. Like good wine, it takes time for the Tour de France to evolve. All the predictions in the world cannot account for human will and determination. Nor can predictions account for poor form or bad luck.

I found the race surprising this year with incredible racing, especially Stage 13 in the wind. I especially enjoyed reliving the memories of traveling through the regions visited on this year's Tour. Photographs are a wonderful way to elicit the feeling of being someplace, and most of the places the Tour visited this year, are places well worth visiting on your own.

The panoramic images inserted during the NBC race coverage made me frequently gasp, wow. France is a lovely country to visit. France is a thrilling country to race through and a generous country to hold this race every year for three weeks in July. Let's do it again - next July.

Wind on Stage 13 TDF 2013.  (photo LeTour.com)
TDF INTEREST and TRAVEL STORIES - By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
Recommended: I have compiled some links worth going back to read over or watch:

Some post-race reading:
Boulder Report: You Don’t Have the Power By Joe Lindsey. Are watts the measure of a clean race? And how do we know?
Cycling Tips Blog Truly well-done photos and reporting from the 2013 Tour de France.
I also like the writings of Matthew Beaudin of Velonews, he offer those other stories outside the norm with an interesting perspective:

Did you miss any videos?
Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass videos
Tour Talk with James and Frankie 
Tour De France 2013 In Numbers, By GCN
General topic videos from the race, By GCN (Global Cycling Network)

Race recaps by Cyclocosm: 
How The Race Was Won -Tour de France 2013, Stages 1-4
How The Race Was Won – Tour de France 2013, Stages 5-9
How The Race Was Won – Tour de France 2013, Stages 10-15
How The Race Was Won – Tour de France 2013, Stages 16-21

My most popular photo shared during the Tour - this one (of course) - Marcel Kittel:

Marcel Kittel (Photo by Karen at Pedal Dancer®)
Road Bikes

What I didn't get time to read more about this year while the Tour de France was going on were the bikes. There were lots of bike reviews and bike reports/video published during the three weeks, so I am going to try to scour the cycling sites and compile the bikes of the Tour for you. Check back soon. Not a lot of new gear at the Tour this year, or at least gear that the riders were willing to experiment with during one of the major races of the year. But Ryder Hesjedal sure liked his P.o.C sunglasses. Mark Cavendish did like like his new brakes, and the new Look bike wasn't really used.  Update 07/25/13: All the Road Bike Reviews of the 2013 Tour

More later. I love a top-of-the-line lightweight really expensive bike, who doesn't, and the pros get to ride the best.

What is next?

Thank you so much for following along with Pedal Dancer® at the Tour de France this year.

See you next for the Tour of Utah, and then the USA Pro Challenge in Colorado, USA (which happens to be where I live). Rumors have it that Richie Porte is coming to Colorado and so too are some of his other prominent teammates (Wiggins or Froome) on team SKY, but the official startlist of riders has not yet been announced. Please disregard the names listed on the official USA Pro Challenge website under teams. Those riders are listed as "Team Riders" not necessarily those riders who will be racing in Colorado.


Also see my favorite photographs from the 2013 Tour de France with Photos of the Day from each stage and recommended viewing of other Photographer's work: Photography Highlights - 2013 Tour de France

The 100th Celebration Light Show
As recorded live by a fan
Entire Light Show by France TV 2