20 July 2013

Nairo Quintana - Hero of Stage 20

Quintana finally adds a stage win to his success

Rider Profile - at the 2013 Tour de France


Twenty-three years old and he takes the white and polka-dot jersey in his first ever Tour de France. Everyone wanted to know what Contador was saying to Quintana when the two were alone together climbing, fighting. I was joking to myself "ya, Alberto is probably offering to send Nairo's first-born through University if Nairo paces him up the climb." What ever Contador said, probably didn't register with Nairo Quintana, he had his own agenda and Contador did not seem to realize this was no man to be working for him, this was a man who would knock Contador right off the podium.

Author Matt Rendell, gave a very good video interview about the personality of Nairo Quintana to Bicycling.com, it is titled Nairo Quintana, the Next Colombian Champion. I thought the title strange at first glance, I thought, more like already is a champion. Nairo Quintana might be young, but he has established himself as absolutely deserving of a place on the final podium in Paria. For as much as Richie Porte seemed to be tied to Chris Froome, wherever Froome was in the Tour this year - Quintana was sure to be close by as well.

I am so proud to witness such a determined strong humble individual compete in this sport. I can't help but look at Nairo and wonder how many untapped athletes remain around this globe who hold Nairo's drive and endless possibility if provided the opportunity. Cycling needs more athletes like Nairo Quintana.

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Nairo Quintana's parents and family cheer for him in Cómbita, Colombia. (AP Photo/Carlos Julio Martinez)
school kids cheer for Nairo Quintana in Cómbita, Colombia.  (AP Photo/Carlos Julio Martinez)
Quintana's father crying with pride.  (AP Photo/Carlos Julio Martinez)
Location of Cómbita Columbia
He loves and is loved. Photo from Steephill.tv/sirotti
Nairo Quintana. Photo from Steephill.tv/sirotti
Race Report from the day:
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