27 June 2013

Watch Live Team Presentation

Watch Live Now - the 2013 Tour de France Team Presentation

Today the Team Presentation takes place at Porto Vecchio, Corsica.  22 teams will be presented with 9 riders each, totaling 198 riders who will take to the start line of the 100th Tour de France this Saturday in Port Vecchio.

The teams are arriving by speed boats into the harbor. The riders and teams are lined up in matching style. Pretty cool. It must be so exciting for the riders who have worked so hard to be selected for the teams this year to soak in this moment. Their bike handling skills are on display as they ride their bikes down the narrow dock and onto the presentation stage.

It all sinks in as I watch the stars of team BMC and the other teams take to the stage, and notice how nervous Contador looks. Wow, all our favorite riders up on stage, looking squeaky clean fresh and ready to go. This is the Tour de France!

2013 Teams and Riders for the 2013 Tour de France

A very well compiled list of teams, their jerseys, 9 riders on each team, their countries represented, and each rider's historic stats - compiled and released this morning by The Guardian. Everything you need to know at this one link: Tour de France 2013: full team line-ups and stats for every rider

Interactive TDF Stage Maps

Published today by The Telegraph: 2013 Stage Guide 
The Team Presentation is now complete. (please see photos below)

Watch Team Presentation live on Le Tour TV: http://letourdefrance.tv/tag/watch-the-tour-de-france-team-presentation-live-online/

Steephill.TV will also provide Live links to watch the team presentation. Currently offering this link: http://footstream.tv/channel3.html . Check for more links at: http://www.steephill.tv/tour-de-france/

* Each of these two links above are showing different footage at the time.with the Eurosport video lagging behind (Le Tour TV).

How they got the teams to Corsica  (Photos from leTour facebook and other team sites)

All aboard the ferry for the Tour de France!
Load 'um onto a BIG boat, bikes and all.
Where they motored over to the Island of Corsica while having a cozy press conference on board.
Once they landed, they reloaded the teams onto smaller faster boats
All aboard!

Team Omega Pharma-Quickstep waiting for their boat to come in

Doesn't this look like fun!
Then they loaded each team onto these smaller faster boats and zoomed the to the Team presentation stage.
Chris Froome cycling from the smaller boat to the team presentation stage.
Guess who popped the traditional wheelie upon disembarking?! - Peter Sagan
By this point they are all realizing this is a pretty cool way to arrive for the Tour de France!
Even the coolest of the cool, Mark Cavendish, looks like he agrees.
And then the teams got up on stage and each rider was introduced to the crowd - and so the story begins of the 100th Tour de France.