10 June 2013

Recommended: Five to Follow on Twitter

Recommended to Follow on Twitter
Anyone who is on Twitter and loves traveling and likes beautiful photography should definitely follow: The Beautiful World, @Globe_Pics. The images will wow you. 

Guess how I ended up following this Twitter handle - Philippe Gilbert retweeted a photo - thanks Phil! 

A few others you might but might not follow, but definitely should, include these recommended individuals on Twitter:
  1. @Globe_Pics
  2. @PhilippeGilbert
  4. @mattrabin
  5. @VeloPeloton
Today globe pics tweeted:
Also tweeted this image (the difference 8 years made for the waiting crowd in 2005 versus 2013 while waiting for the new Pope to be announced in Italy).

Philippe Gilbert, who shared Globe Pics, frequently tweets travel photos (I guess we could call him a traveling cyclist as well). On June 1st Philippe tweeted from Saint laurent d'eze, France (near Nice, Monaco):

The RaceRadio tweeted from Paris today (that is Montmartre up the hill). Race Radio is interesting cycling news via Twitter without the filler talk and people promoting people (that is a nice way of saying that).

Matt Rabin is a Chiropractor for Team Garmin-Sharp. I like his non-ego inside perspective of working with a pro team. Plus he travels a lot! Yesterday he tweeted from Switzerland.
Ha! I couldn't resist - it was raining yesterday at the Tour de Suisse.  Matt's world is a non-glossed over view of pro cycling.

Paddy Sweeney of VeloPeloton tweeted (and facebooked) a photo of Tour de France Director Christian Prudhomme on the Col du Tourmalet yesterday (yes, the snow is from yesterday!):
Christian Prudhomme and group assessing the snow on the Tourmalet for the Tour de France.. Photo By Paddy Sweeney of VeloPeloton

Paddy also recently shared this footage of an avalanche on the Cirque du Litor, which happens to be my favorite road and the road featured in the photo at the top of my blog (view from the other side). 

I saw Paddy relax once, but most of the time he works hard running his cycling lodge when he is not taking FANTASTIC photographs of mountains and cyclists. Many of which you can see if you follow him.

This is Paddy staring from his yard over to the Hautacam located across the valley.

Enjoy these interesting individuals living around the world. I appreciate that they help to expand my small world.

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