29 July 2012

Olympic athletes on Twitter

Interested in following some of the athletes behind the scenes?
The only thing better than hearing the voice of Morgan Freeman narrate an Olympic commercial is following the fun athletes have when not competing. Follow along: 
The Washington Post offers this list of Olympic Athletes who Tweet: Olympic athletes on Twitter
A Twitter compiled list of Olympians 
Mashable.com gives you the 25 Must Follow Athletes on Twitter
Tweeting-Athletes.com has listed some athletes by sport (but they don't have cycling, they do have lots of swimmers and track and field athletes): Olympic Athletes on Twitter

Also a good resource by The Telegraph: 2012 Olympics guide
The USA basketball dream team sleeping on the plane to London. I wonder if they ever have enough leg room? Tweeted by Kevin Love @KevinLove
Spain's Field Hockey Athlete Alex Fabregas tweeted "Spare the Adjectives" regarding their team outfit for the Opening Ceremonies.