17 March 2012

Live from Italy

Completely worth waking up early
Who else watched Milan-San Remo this morning in the wee hours of the morn? I love the tradition, and have to admit that I still prefer to keep things traditional in how I watch races in far distant lands.
Thanks to the go to source of Steephill.TV, who offers links to live video in one quick visit. The link matters - La Gazetta camera coverage was ahead of Sporza, which was far ahead of Eurosport. I usually keep two browsers up because the cameras cover different angles, and I can watch one or the other through any commercials. Today the English audio from Eurosport lagged behind and is mostly filler with little real race information, sometimes I prefer to listen in Italian or French. 
I was happy to again pull up the live race feed report on CyclingNews.com for real information. When I still can't get the full information I turn to Twitter, but mostly focus on @Inrng for race tweets. Most of the rest are a waste of time in reading and take my eyes off the real experience of watching the race (but fun to scan post race). It is amazing how much misinformation gets spread on Twitter and how much of the content is just people thinking out loud. Yes Tom Boonen fell, anyone watching La Gazetta live coverage could see his fall clearly. Nicholas Roche said the fall was due to a low-flying helicopter on the last turn, but I was wondering why that moto was among the riders in the final sprint turn. 
Lastly I like to add to my race watching enjoyment the usual texts to my brother. He was watching the race live with our parents. It's a family affair, and I was thrilled to be watching the first Monument of 2012 live. A bike race is always a good race when the winner is unexpected, and so visibly recognizes his achievement and shows his excitement on the podium. I hope you enjoyed it as well.
Simon Gerrans

It is of course St Patrick's Day, another day of tradition for my family. Last night I baked my Grandmother Julia's Irish bread, today I celebrate with family and friends. Have a wonderful day yourself.