04 February 2012

Jens and Stuey

Quote of the Day:  “Yeah, take a picture of us—please!” ~ Jens Voigt

An excerpt from last's month Hardly Serious with Jens Voigt post From Down Under, With Respect
..."Today, with about 20km to go, I got into a breakaway with Stuey O’Grady, my friend and longtime teammate. And even tough he’s riding for GreenEdge this year, it still felt like it was back in the old days with him. After all, we’ve spent about 10 years together as teammates on different squads, from GAN to Credit Agricole, from CSC to Leopard. So being there with him in a small breakaway brought back the old memories. At one point Graham Watson was taking photos from his motorbike and I was just thinking, “Yeah, take a picture of us—please!” 
"I mean, together Stuey and I are almost 80 years old and here we are stretching out the pack! It was just one of those moments where you think to yourself, “Yes, this is why I love this sport. All the suffering and hard work so I can enjoy moments like this.”
Graham Watson did capture their image that day in Australia during the 2012 Santos Tour Down Under: Jens Voigt and Stewart O'Grady together again leading the pack Stage 3 Photo (follow link to view photo in the race album by Graham Watson). 

Long time friends - Stewart O'Grady and Jens Voigt riding for CSC back in the day. Photo tweeted by Graham Watson