15 November 2011

Recommended Reading: Jens Voigt

Hardly serious with Jens Voigt  - read: Booking Along
Jens Voigt reading to Fränk Schleck and Fabian Cancellara.   Photo from YayCycling
Read Jens Voigt column for Bicycling.com titled Hardly Serious With Jens Voigt
Jens Voigt writes a blog for Bicycling.com. Somehow I missed this excellent writing by him from September 16, 2011, about his love for reading. I enjoy how Jens so easily shares his passion in all things Jensie. I personally seem to be writing about cycling, more than I am actually doing cycling these days, but I use this off-season time to balance my need for creativity and culture. I attempt to keep this balance going throughout the year.
Every week when The Week magazine appears in my mailbox, I giggle with joy, grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and read every single word of the news and cultural magazine. I like reading anything that Michael Lewis has put his pen to, articles or books. I love the form of classical literature, and become giddy over the rhythmic structure in every sentence, noticing the choice of each word.
Reading in one long continuous thought pattern is a joy. Sitting with a real book in hand is an absolute treat. I thought it interesting how Jens Voigt said he wanted to own a bookstore, with actual books, in an age when so much of our reading is now done online. 
I struggle to flip through even one of Bicycling.com's other articles. They require me to scroll down to read 2 sentences, scroll below the fold again to click a button to advance to the next page, scroll some more, and then in a fit of absolute frustration in time spent and lack of knowledge gained, I close out the browser by the 3rd of 8 pages, non the wiser. Anyone who has ever read a cycling article written by James Startt (the literary genius of cycling) does not want his prose broken up, at every paragraph, between next buttons. 
the path to online reading             
I am not sure if you have noticed that reading articles on Velonews.com now involves a game of sorts in finding the Xs to close out the pop-up ads before being allowed to read any actual news, which delivers about 3 paragraphs, after spending minutes dodging ads. Soon I forget why the headline even grabbed my attention as I remind myself, I am not falling for that easy bait again.  
this is a bookstore, that could be Jens
Maybe I need to surrender and add many more ads to my own site. For now, I will dream along with Jens - of a bookstore, that smells like paper, and sells magazines, pens and empty journals. This bookstore would also sell those huge maps of France that one could spend a good 5 minutes trying to refold. And there behind the cash register would sit Jens Voigt, who would look up from his book in hand with a huge smile on his face, happy that you have come to visit him in his bookstore to talk about something other than racing a bike.
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