21 November 2011

Giro d'Italia Pink Fighter fan

Be THE face of Giro d'Italia fans - be the Pink Fighter 
Could you be the fan to represent all fans? Could you be the first ever Giro Pink Fighter? The Giro d'Italia is conducting a worldwide search for "the hero of the Corsa Rosa 2012 campaign". RCS Sport, the organizers of the Giro d'Italia, have built upon their unique use of social media to launch their latest campaign in search of the one fan to be the face of all fans for the 2012 Giro d'Italia.
This morning, I read PezCycling's Euro Trash Monday report which gave details for entrants. If you are interested in being the Pink Fighter - go for it! Read more about the contest on the Giro website: "Be the next fighter": the new face of the Giro choosing between the fans also read updates about the contest at Giro d'Italia Twitter  
Fan application dates: November 21 to 28th
How to apply: Become a fan on the Giro d'Italia facebook page and then post your photo directly on the Corsa Rosa Facebook wall Giro d'Italia Facebook page 

*Update 11/23/11: The contest has amended their entry requirements, apparently you need to be a guy, age 20-35, and have a "cover model body." These new requirements have drastically cut the number of eligible applicants to the present squad of Assos models and Ivan Basso's cousins. So in the name of swaying votes, I would like you ALL to vote for Joe Praino.
Vote for Joe Praino: If you remember Joe won the Facebook contest to ride along with the Liquigas-Cannondale team during the 2011 Tour de France. Not only did he speak Italian, he was willing to do just about anything the team asked of him while clearly loving every minute. Plus Joe rides and he is gorgeous. I vote for Joe! We all need to see more Joe at the Giro! 

Go to this page http://www.facebook.com/giroditalia and search for Joe's picture below (posted 11/23/11), and comment or "like" him. (even if the official voting has not started - we want his picture to stand out)
Vote for Joe Praino - The Next Fighter
You can see two short and comical video montages on Joe's trip to France and his experience with the tour by clicking on Trip de France: Part I and Trip de France: Part II.
Joe hangs out with cool cyclists - vote for Joe!
Top 10 selection dates: November 29 - December 1 
McCann-Eriksson has been hired by RCS to run the contest, and will select the top 10 Pink Fighter candidates from all applicant photos.
Fans vote dates: December 3 - 5
Fans will vote on the top 10 candidates at the Giro d'Italia Facebook page to determine the top 3 candidates.
Top 3 fans photo shoot dates: December 12   
Leave your calendars open, if you are voted by online fans to be one of the top 3 Pink Fighter candidates, you will need to attend a photo shoot on December 12th (we can assume this will be in Italy). 
The finale: December 15   
THE Pink Fighter will be selected and announced on December 15th. (It is not clear how this final selection will be made, but I am guessing the control might return to RCS Sport).
The real Giro d’Italia 2012 race:
Saturday, May 5th, 2012 from Herning, Denmark, until Sunday, May 27th, in Milan, Italy.  

*PedalDancer.com fan tip: They will likely receive hundreds of profile photos of cyclists on a bike - you might want to do something a bit different! Go big or go home - I would suggest dressing your entire family (and town) in pink, with you in the center of the photo, hoisted on their shoulders, with an imitation spiral trophy. This might just do the trick and get you into the top 10. Including children, small pets, and old bikes in the photo might also work well, or mentioning how your Grandfather raced in the Giro back in the day also tugs on the emotional voter. If you really want to win, you will need to prove that you are an old fan using modern means - you will need to be a genius in using multiple social media techniques yourself. Campaign yourself into the top 3! I'll vote for you.
Ivan Basso - the art of being a Giro d'Italia winner